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Further progress has been made by the Academics at Sydney University and the University of Western Sydney in the establishment of an Association of Buddhist Academics in Australia. There is progress expected by way of inauguration of an Association of Buddhist Psychotherapists. All of this will augment and promote the teaching of Buddhism in Australia. The Trustees are most gratified with the advances made, particularly as the Foundation appears to have acted as a catalyst for other groups to take the initiative in promoting Buddhism and the study of Buddhism.

It is now for the Buddhist public to ensure the continued success of this ambitious project. Whatever the level of interest, the courses offered will never be self- funding.

On the other hand all it requires is $100.00 from each Buddhist to have the project succeed. This type of support has not been forthcoming. An earnest appeal is made to all Buddhists.


We urge all those who have an interest in promoting the teaching of Buddhism to promote the project and ensure its continued success. The project is non-sectarian. It is not the intention of the Trustees to seek any particular tradition to be taught or to influence academics on the research to be conducted. The only vision the trustees have is to have the Sydney University Buddhist studies programme developed to be a seat of excellence in Buddhist studies in the South East Asian region, and attract both students and teachers of the highest calibre to its hallowed precincts.

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