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The trustees are pleased with the progress made. It was possible with the generosity of a few organisations and fewer individuals. Those who did may feel elated at the progress made, and we are certain will want to continue with their support.
To maintain the programme we need the continued support of Buddhists of all traditions. There is an expectation that “Buddhist Studies” will encompass all traditions. We are working with the University to ensure that as broad a course content as is practicable, is available for those who have an interest in Buddhist Studies.
We are indeed fortunate that the Academics teaching Buddhist Studies are committed to academic research, with a wide knowledge of Buddhist theory and practice. The programme for the next 4 years is assured, we want to ensure that the programme continues. The University has the potential to be the feeder for the most prestigious Universities world-wide. Buddha’s teachings have the potential to revolutionise world thinking, which is already happening to a certain extent with the impact His Holiness the Dalai Lama has had on the world scene.

To bring peace and equanimity to a world troubled by violence hatred enmity and greed, academics have a role to play, and have done so in all other areas of the humanities, sciences, the arts and literature.


The Honourable John Dowd  AO, QC



Phra ChaoKhun Dr Thepsilaporn,   Buddhist Monk
Ven Mahinda   Buddhist Monk
Ms Mohini Gunesekera AM   Barrister & Solicitor
Mr Graeme Lyall AM   Buddhist Chaplain
Dr. S. Ong   Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Eng Kong Tan   Consultant Psychiatrist
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